Eco Florist

Packaging is such a huge part of the luxury gifts market and significant in the Horti/Floriculture industry. Today, we wrap and pack the products to show how premium they are, to communicate our thoughts, illustrate our expressions and convey thankfulness,  love and admiration for the recipient. Think Rowan Atkinson in the film ‘Love Actually’ wrapping the jewelry with such care and attention…. bells and whistles … or in that case cinnamon sticks, glitter and ribbon!

Over the years we have learnt so much more about how the packaging is made and more recently as we have evolved further it has become more critical that this industry contributes to being more Eco friendly. After spending decades working with large retail multiples and more recently with Waitrose ‘ Treading lightly’ is one of their pillars. What we do whilst on this planet has a bearing on the planet as a whole. Out of this came the Eco Friendly packaging project .

‘if all the worms disappeared from the planet, within 18 months all life would cease to exist. If all the insects were to disappear, within 3 to 4 years all life would cease to exist. Yet if all the people disappeared from the Earth it would probably do quite nicely!’ Sadhguru said this in a recent talk about the planet, sums it up really! ( more about him later )

Evolve Flowers Ltd was established in September 2017; to inspire learning, develop growth, and create education and awareness whilst contributing to the community using the language and power of flowers.