Eco Fresh Bouquet


Eco Fresh Bouquet Floral Hydration Stem Sponge-Wrap® System is the first eco-friendly mobile water resource that allows flowers to stay fresh and well hydrated with a professional appearance and flawless performance. From reliable transport to impressive cutting edge designs the Eco fresh Bouquet wrap is perfect for transporting bouquets, weddings, large installations, events, farmers markets, and pop-up shops too! This is another innovative packaging product that Evolve Flowers Ltd has been testing as part of or Eco packaging project. It is made from 100% plant material and is 100% biodegradable, it’s reusable with a recyclable bag. It hydrates quickly both vertically and horizontally and easily trims to accommodate small bouquets or even plants. Eco fresh holds water for several days and reduces the number of vases needed, easy to transport, requires minimal storage space and saves time and water. It is easily removed without mess and makes deliveries worry free with no annoying water issues.