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First Journal Entry: Evolve Flowers Branding

Journal writing has always been ‘a thing’ for me. When on holiday as a child I would collect and draw and document each days activities and years later noticed that nature featured as a common theme with leaves, twigs, pebbles and flowers stuck to the pages with sticking tape. Social media these days is very much like diaries or journals they just have new names like blogs or stories perhaps to make them seem fashionable or more trendy. Being ‘old school’ (or should that be ‘old skool’?) we will call it a journal so here it is a space for documenting our antics and activities that are happening as Evolve evolves!

Behind the business card

After deciding to leave the last office job of my varied career and spending the entire school holidays with the children whilst recovering from exhaustion I was still trying think of a business name that would encapsulate all the ideas and activities that I wanted to achieve. The ‘third age’ is approaching fast and as with any age related milestones you do review and revisit the goals and targets still left on the ‘bucket list’ it’s just how we are wired. The workshop walls were covered with a wallpaper of word maps and lists each illustrating ideas that were channeled into a funnel.

Finally Evolve Flowers Ltd passed the companies house check and was decided upon. What’s so difficult about determining the business name I hear you say…. well its not just a business name is it? It’s brand, it’s a meaning and it starts to tell the story of what is going on behind the business cards…and if you are a designer and innovator it has to be right. Behind the Evolve name text is a prehistoric veined leaf background gives the feeling that we have been on this planet for a while now and yet are constantly evolving ourselves and our surroundings. This led to me to focusing on our purpose and the ambitions for Evolve as a business and as it develops …and of course having been fortunate to have been around this diverse industry for a while I do sometimes feel prehistoric …..oh here comes that milestone of a birthday! The Evolve flower in the logo is an artistic impression of the first flower that was discovered, this is believed to have evolved 140 million years ago. Suddenly that big birthday seems an quite insignificant number in relation to 140 million!

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