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It’s a small world

Christmas Eve morning, picture the scene…my hands and arms ache, I’ve been running the Festive POP-UP shop since last week and exhausted. I can’t seem to gain momentum and am being rather sloth-like in getting up. Not really a surprise, Christmas seems to be the longest peak ever. It just goes on and on. By the second week in December, all my fellow florists are also burnt out from wreath workshops, chasing orders, late nights and extra shifts. I’m no different. Keep Calm and Carry On. I can’t get up…until….the phone rings

It is a long-distance call from Australia. The lady caller emigrated from Pinchbeck, Spalding, Lincolnshire to Sydney Australia and would like to send flowers locally to an elderly relative for delivery today, Christmas Eve.

Evolve has two bases, one in Donington and the other in Pinchbeck, Spalding, the lady had found us via Google. The marvellous World Wide Web. We chat about the connection between Donington and Australia. Donington was home to the explorer and cartographer Captain Matthew Flinders who named Australia. There is a statue of him in the market place of the village and recently his remains have been discovered and are being brought back to be interred in the local church. Matthew Flinders, who circumnavigated Australia and mapped its entire coastline actually originated from the village where I am based.


The lady goes on to explain that her family used to grow flowers commercially not far from our second base in Pinchbeck. It really is a small world. This conversation reminds me of how connected we are to everyone else on the planet even though the caller is the other side of the world!

I gather my thoughts and finally get up to arrange the flowers and muse the link between our little village and the huge country of Australia.  After finding a suitable glass vase I arrange the foliages and flowers in a FloraGuppy; thankful that there are other options to create an Eco arrangement rather than holding another tied bouquet in my aching arms and overworked wrist. I paint some Eucalyptus bells gold and include them in the vase of flowers, perhaps as a small reminder of the Australian connection. The finale is a sprinkling of BioGlitter – this is also made from Eucalyptus – reconstituted cellulose to be precise; wouldn’t be Christmas without a frosty glimmer.



There really isn’t any other job quite like sending flowers, communicating thoughts and greetings from one part of the world to another with the bonus of having the sights and scents of nature indoors.

Last order please, It’s Christmas Eve. What a small world we live in. Happy Christmas Planet, we have done our best to be kind to you this year.


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