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Share the love ❤️ Flowers are always a good idea!

Valentines is truly spreading into a week now that Evolve covers almost every part of the flower journey from the growers to you !! I hope you enjoy this blog, inspired by our Valentines week.  Share the love ❤️ Flowers are always a good idea.

This year Valentines Day was on Friday – it’s rumoured that sales dip when this event falls on a Friday… this year we see a change a foot! A breath of fresh air as consumers focus on the little things in life and being grateful for the love they have from partners, lovers, husbands, wives and those friends that are special to us and need to know it!

Florists work so hard at this time of year, often battling extreme weather conditions (Storm Caira, followed by storm Dennis!) snow, flooding … fallen trees!
Most florists have only just caught their breath from Christmas workshops and what seems like endless wreath making! (We still have festive debris in one of the stores) all are super tired and keep going for the love of the job and the simple pleasures flowers can bring.

Then I saw a social media post about valentines being a waste of money and yet another commercial enterprise…

You’re very, very wrong about this ….on lots of counts.

Valentines gets a bad rap for no reason. Gifts and flowers are available at hundreds of different price points. Big or small. From supermarkets to corner shops and everywhere in between including the petrol station you can buy something heart-shaped. It hurts no one. Celebrating love is fun. Romantic. Exciting. Essential for wellbeing and health. Flowers are always a good idea❤️

Then there’s the florist part. Otherwise known as one of the last places of business where individually unique custom work is crafted by hand. Where you order something and pay for it when you come in to collect. Where there are still some house accounts. Where the florist knows your wife likes yellow roses. Or pink lilies. Or purple orchids and they remember that as soon as you see them and it makes you feel appreciated as a customer and the florist feels good too.

And the florist designs special flowers for the birthdays, new baby celebrations, wedding flowers and Valentines too and is honoured the customers, often who become friends come to share the joy and sometimes the sadness of every event in your life.

Where people are so happy to see the florist deliver, excited to receive flowers and thankful someone thought of them, hugs on the doorstep then stepping indoors to place flowers safely on the table.

Where old ladies get teary-eyed to get a Valentine. Grown men write amazing, funny, witty, loving, sexy, tender things on cards. ?
Where you buy single roses for a few pounds or fifty roses for lots more, but still find a way to say I love you.

And the florist gets to deliver and wherever they walk everyone says ‘are those for me?’ and someone is really happy it’s their turn to feel so special.

And maybe and very importantly it’s not about hiking up the price. Maybe it’s paying for extra staff and drivers. And overtime. Committing to thousands of pounds worth of perishable, non-refundable, fresh flowers, boxes of glassware and hours and hours of preparation and physical work, standing up for what seems weeks not days – all before you even sell a single flower. When you do ten times + your regular order volume, at an incredible pace and everyone wants them between 8am and 5pm. In perfect condition. So go get the chocolate or teddy bears or cards or candy or dinner or even a holiday AND flowers 🙂 Flowers are always a good idea.




The Evolve Flowers Valentines week went like this …

At the beginning of the week we collected three van fulls of flowers, then two more…. buckets and buckets of beautiful British, locally ‘grown not flown’ flowers. Thousands of Tulips in every colour imaginable, with frills, double petals and ‘parrot’ petals; grown with care by talented family businesses of growers all within a forty-mile radius of our hub in Lincolnshire.



Just over the border in Norfolk, Hellebores are carefully cultivated and their short season providing an extravagant and unique feature in British bouquets. Fluffy branches of willow and grey-green Eucalyptus add texture and scent to bouquets with local Hyacinth; delicate heads of Cornish grown Narcissi adding to the perfumes of springtime. Let’s celebrate the season and share the love of British grown flowers, flowers are always a good idea.

And because we know our customers love roses at Valentines we brought in some Fairtrade red roses from farms in Kenya that we know well, they support communities, provide schools and medical centres for their staff. They have high temperatures and humidity to grow roses all year round. Share the love, flowers are always a good idea❤️

These flowers were carefully selected, packed, wrapped in paper and boxed to be sent off to florists in Scotland, London, Dorset and everywhere in between, ready for them to stock their businesses with British grown beauties. The biggest out-load ever in one day for Evolve!! We packed sixty boxes…That is a lot of flowers!! And a lot of cardboard boxes! The courier’s face was a picture! thankfully some ‘after school’ help was on hand to help to load his van!


With our fellow florist trade customers all stocked up and sorted by midweek, we turned to nationwide gift deliveries.
Sending out specially handmade, eco-wrapped bouquets in the ‘Boxes of British’ a new service for Evolve because we just have to share the love of flowers to more people nationwide!

We have friends all over the country as many of you do too and they need to see the amazing flowers that are grown around our patch. This new project was crowdfunded at Christmas and the contribution from our fabulous supporters has enabled us to test eco-packaging and purchase flower food in compostable sachets – another small step to making Evolve as environmentally friendly as possible.

Reviews are coming in, photos shared and happiness levels are rising – so nearly there!
The week is still going, there’s still coffee and chocolate to keep us fuelled, the radio is on; talking about Valentines every day, share the love, appreciate, be grateful, be kind. Spread some happiness. Show your love. Flowers are always a good idea❤️

The finale is close…local orders for those on our doorstep, in surrounding villages, in other local businesses. Every bone aches, too many late nights, pounding social media as we have no ‘shop window’ in our florist studio to create attention. Designing beautiful displays that we hope our customers will order…the guys are forgetful…many are last minute men, a growing number (thankfully) after being reminded in advance take off the stress and leave it to us to create a special moment.


Our customers this year were truly Wowed and we had some amazing comments, some even caught on video and sent to the sender so they too could share the special moment.
“Wow,” the lucky lady said “he’s sent flowers before but not like THIS! these are SO beautiful, amazing – so colourful and gorgeous” she couldn’t stop smiling….that’s what we do… Deliver Smiles 🙂
“He’s a keeper,” I say.

How many times I said, “Trust me I know what you need!”
We get the right results! Professionally qualified in our trade, artfully creating floral displays we take pleasure in giving unforgettable moments, gestures of love however big or small, whether it’s £15 or £150 we know what you need.
It’s an unforgettable gesture to be given flowers, the feelings and emotions that are conveyed by receiving a beautiful display of nature’s treasures to enjoy. Do what you love, with who you love.
There are so many dreadful things in life – why not take a day to celebrate love and romance?

I say buy flowers. Anytime, all the time or for your Valentine ❤️

Flowers are always a good idea ❤️


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