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We can get you evolving!

Need to develop your business? Whether a garden centre, retailer selling flowers, florist, farm shop or just stuck in a rut and not sure how to move forward; Evolve offers a ‘Hotel Inspector’ style assessment of your business and will recommend ways to improve your margin, sales and profitability. Continuous improvement plans and sales analysis.

uk aprons

UK Aprons, is a growing family business based in Stamford, Lincolnshire that promotes manufacturing in the UK. This company ticks all the boxes as far as we are concerned and makes great quality products with exceptional service. Responsible for the creation of the Evolve workshop aprons and the Mini children’s aprons. Evolves motto is ‘always wear your apron! Especially for photos!!’ UK Aprons have crafted an extra specially designed apron for each of the six finalists and their assistants. Always going the extra mile, Andrew and his team specialise in school wear, aprons and workwear.



flowers by clowance

James Cock is a third generation flower grower and wholesaler based at Praze in Cornwall. His farm, The Oaks is opposite the Clowance Estate, near Camborne in the heart of the Cornish flower growing area. The Oaks has beautiful views of the rolling countryside reaching towards the Cornish coast. Cornish grown flowers play a big part in the British flower calendar as the warmer climate is perfect for stretching the seasonality of many of our favourite flowers. James wholesales Cornish and British cut flowers and foliage sending them direct to UK florists via next day courier service as well as continuing the families’ flowers by post service. James has been an outstanding supporter of British Flowers Week and is a member of Flowers from the Farm. It has been a delight to work with someone so committed and passionate about keeping Cornish growers in business. James supports in the region of twenty different specialist growers and is able to offer a wide selection of British flowers throughout the seasons.






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