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Wedding Terms & Conditions

Evolve Flowers Ltd requires a non-refundable £75 deposit to secure your wedding date with us at. This can be paid by BACS and secures your date booking. If your date changes for any reason, Evolve Flowers Ltd needs to be advised a minimum of 3 months beforehand. Booking fees are not transferable.

All elements that will be provided are listed on your wedding quote.

Any other items added will be charged at an additional cost per item.

The quote will be re-issued to reflect any changes. Please note it is the bride & grooms responsibility to ensure all their floristry requirements are listed on their final quote one month before the wedding.

One week before the event we will need payment of 100% of the updated & final quote. We will email you your final quote a week before.

Once a 100% payment is received in full, no refund can be made in any circumstances. Also your quotation cannot be changed.

Cancellations after 100% balance has been paid will be retained regardless of circumstance of the cancellation. This is because of the perishable nature of the product we work with.

Evolve Flowers Ltd cannot be held responsible for any failures of delivery of special orders by the wholesalers or growers that we work with. In the rare case of delivery failure or shortage, we will do all we can to substitute the ordered flowers with the nearest varieties to the original order. Small variations in colour and size may occur.

All flowers will be delivered to you in prime condition in water or suitable packaging for maximum shelf life. Once arrangements are made it is the responsibility of the receiver/caterer/venue to make sure the flowers are kept in optimum conditions (cool & topped with water). All flower arrangements will be photographed as proof of them being made and left in perfect condition.

Evolve Flowers Ltd cannot be held responsible for any failures of the flowers if these instructions have not been adhered to. Where flowers are installed before an event (the day/days before the event), Evolve Flowers Ltd cannot take responsibility for the shelf life and condition of the flowers between installation and the commencement of the event. Any damage or failed flowers will be replaced at an additional charge. For outdoor venues, marquees and 'weddings at home' it is your responsibility to ensure the flowers are protected from weather and natural elements.

Your quotation includes the cost of setting up the floral elements of your wedding. On the day we cannot help with any other additional styling services, helping with chair covers, assisting in cake construction or any other assistance your guests may require. If any other additional services are required you will be sent an additional bill after the wedding.

Pinning of buttonholes/corsages on dresses and suits is done at the wearers own risk. Evolve Flowers cannot be responsible for any snagging, staining or tearing to delicate materials by any pins or fastenings we supply.

Plant material can be harmful if consumed. Please ensure children and animals are supervised/made aware of the dangers of eating any of the elements in their flowers or buttonholes or indeed any of the florals decorations. If any product has been consumed and you need to identify it please contact Evolve Flowers Ltd (via WhatsApp) with a photograph.

If any elements are being transported from one venue to another; you do so at your own risk.

On setting up a venue, it is the responsibility of the client to make sure access and parking is available near the venue. Any parking charges will be chargeable.

After setting up a venue, it is the responsibility of the client/venue co-ordinator to make sure the floor has been cleaned. We will do our best to take away any greenery and clear up spillages and leave as we found.

It is the clients' responsibility to inform their caterer/venue coordinator of the number of floral decorations you have purchased and where they should be placed. Evolve Flowers Ltd will leave flowers in a designated area (as directed by the venue) and will leave a delivery note for the caterer/venue coordinator if your reception room is not set out at time of delivery. It is not the responsibility of Evolve Flowers Ltd if caterers/venue coordinators do not place your floral decorations into the correct final locations.

To enjoy your day we will endeavour to be off site one hour before your event starts unless we have agreed otherwise. It is vital to ensure that we have access at suitable times in order to do this smoothly.

Evolve Flowers Ltd reserves the right to use your event for publicity and marketing purposes for up to a period of 24 months after your event on our website.

Our staff have the right to work in a safe environment. Any verbal or physical threats from clients, their guests or family members will not be tolerated.

We would kindly request that small children and animals are not allowed to access the area which florists are working.

If choosing hire option for glassware or sundries these will be added to your quote. If any items are returned lost, damaged or broken we will send a separate invoice for the cost of a ‘like for like’ replacement along with any shipping/collection mileage we have incurred.

All non-plastic containers and structure bases, vases etc will be collected by Evolve Flowers Ltd on an arranged date after the wedding. All plastic containers with arrangements in can be kept by the Bridal party. We will just want the return of what they have been sitting in.

Dismantle charges will be applied if we are asked to take away other items which are not hire items, such as floral stands, arrangements, greenery. Dismantle charges are charged at £25 an hour.

All trees & plants are quoted on a hire basis unless an agreement is made to purchase them.

In the event you are not satisfied with Evolve Flowers Ltd products or services complaints should be made within one working day to

Evolve Flowers Ltd cannot be held responsible for failure to deliver any order due to an Act of God, terrorism, crime, transport failure, illnesses of staff members, extreme weather conditions (including snow and flooding) or denial of access to venues or religious sites.