art metal engineering

Artimus from Art Metal Engineering certainly likes a challenge! We measured and drew the shape on his warehouse floor in order to determine the size of the spiral frame. Oh and then of course we added legs at the eleventh hour! Working tirelessly over a weekend he created the super strong base for the spiral wall to be built upon. Based in Moulton, Spalding. Lincolnshire.


Wholesale specialists in ferns and grasses

Ash Tree Nursery is a small, family run wholesale nursery based at Cowbit, near Spalding. This Lincolnshire based grower specialises in Hardy ferns, Ornamental grasses, Heuchera and a range of seasonal impulse herbaceous plants.

The majority of their customers have trolleys of product delivered to their garden centres.

john cullen gardens

John and Hugh of John Cullen gardens are passionate about plants for pollinators, scent and taste. A beautifully well kept nursery set on approx an acre with a fabulous gravel garden at the front. The guys kindly let us cut the amazingly elegant Stipa Gigantica grass from their display garden. All areas of the garden are landscaped thoughtfully with a story behind each section. In the last three years John Cullen gardens have exhibited at many national shows and events and won over 20 medals, these include an impressive collection of RHS Silvers. This gem of a nursery is just a few miles from Evolve’s base and as well as being featured on TV is home to the National Collection of Achellia, ( and Bailey the dog )

double H nurseries

Double H is a vibrant family business that has origins going back four generations, focused in providing innovative and beautiful products for their customers. Established in 1961 over the decades they have grown a variety of cut flowers and potted plant such as Sweet peas, Carnations, and Chrysanthemum’s.

Today Double H Nurseries is a market leader in indoor plants and continues to achieve sales growth delivering over 4.5 million houseplants to the UK’s largest supermarket retailers. The Orchid houses have been built using the latest innovative technology, to make sure they pack visually outstanding plants in a sustainable and efficient way. The beautiful Roses and Miniature Orchid plants in the Spiral Meadow have been generously supplied and grown in New Milton by Double H.


Eco Fresh Bouquet Floral Hydration Stem Sponge-Wrap® System is the first eco-friendly mobile water resource that allows flowers to stay fresh and well hydrated with a professional appearance and flawless performance. From reliable transport to impressive cutting edge designs the Eco fresh Bouquet wrap is perfect for transporting bouquets, weddings, large installations, events, farmers markets, and pop-up shops too! This is another innovative packaging product that Evolve Flowers Ltd has been testing as part of or Eco packaging project. It is made from 100% plant material and is 100% biodegradable, it’s reusable with a recyclable bag. It hydrates quickly both vertically and horizontally and easily trims to accommodate small bouquets or even plants. Eco fresh holds water for several days and reduces the number of vases needed, easy to transport, requires minimal storage space and saves time and water. It is easily removed without mess and makes deliveries worry free with no annoying water issues.

flowers by clowance

James Cock is a third generation flower grower and wholesaler based at Praze in Cornwall. His farm, The Oaks is opposite the Clowance Estate, near Camborne in the heart of the Cornish flower growing area. The Oaks has beautiful views of the rolling countryside reaching towards the Cornish coast. Cornish grown flowers play a big part in the British flower calendar as the warmer climate is perfect for stretching the seasonality of many of our favourite flowers. James wholesales Cornish and British cut flowers and foliage sending them direct to UK florists via next day courier service as well as continuing the families’ flowers by post service. James has been an outstanding supporter of British Flowers Week and is a member of Flowers from the Farm. It has been a delight to work with someone so committed and passionate about keeping Cornish growers in business. James supports in the region of twenty different specialist growers and is able to offer a wide selection of British flowers throughout the seasons.

floraguppyFloraGUPPY is a NEW innovative floral holding device using advanced plastic technology. This can replace the tedious, troublesome and sometimes hazardous alternatives such as foam, chicken wire and tape, making it easier to make floral artistry come to reality. The product was born in Canada by James Wong, an innovative entrepreneur who always struggled to arrange flowers in a vase. Evolve has been testing this product for some time now and it’s an interesting arranging tool which has multiple uses and has proved invaluable to this installation as well as being a useful mechanic for contract work. The Spiral Meadow incorporates multiple Guppies inside the giant glass tubes to hold the flower materials in place securely at height. FloraGUPPY has two parts to the reusable, recyclable plastic sphere and can be easily moulded to fit once placed in warm water for a few minutes.


Based in Bourne, Lincolnshire, GW Tickler are the largest producers of straw, hay and haylage in the county. The hay is produced from permanent pastures containing a wide variety of grasses, herbs and wild flowers. Meadow hay is referred to as ‘forage’ which also is the activity florist’s state when ‘gathering or collecting from nature’

Lambs Flowers Ltd

Lamb’s Flowers Ltd is a 26 acre family business in Pinchbeck, near Spalding, Lincolnshire, and is run by Sue Lamb, with her husband Roger, and son Gareth. Of the 26 acres 14 acres is glasshouses. Growing commercially for almost 30 years, Sue is an endless source of knowledge; I always learn something new when I visit, from a new variety name to some of the techniques that are involved in growing.

Lamb’s Flowers grow just under 20 million stems of tulips a year which are contracted to the supermarkets. And for the rest of the year? 4 million stocks, 1 million Lisianthus and 1 million Antirrhinums as well as packing several million sunflowers. The numbers are huge, and growers like Lambs are getting a phenomenal amount of British grown crops into the homes of UK consumers. Sue is a great supporter of British Flowers Week and is always looking for new ways of promoting British grown flowers.


The Naylor family have been farming in Moulton near Spalding, South Lincolnshire since the 1600’s and have been producing flowers since the 1940’s. In total Naylor farms grow over 50 million stems of cut flowers for supermarkets in the UK and mainland Europe. The reclaimed silt land around the Wash is well-suited to growing cut flowers and they continue to expand the range of flowers grown.

Their harvest starts with Daffodils in February and carries on into November with ornamental Brassicas. In between are Alliums, Asters, Sunflowers, Sweet Williams, Gladioli and Peonies. Naylor’s are also the largest grower of Delphinium as a cut flower in the UK. No farm is complete without a food crop and they also produce around 2000 tonnes of potatoes each year. Some of these are contracted to Waitrose, Tesco and Marks and Spencer.


Concealed in the spiralled hay mat ‘sandwich’ are various sizes of giant glass test tubes. Conscious that enough water should be in the tubes to keep the flowers hydrated for the length of the week long exhibition we needed tubes ranging from 35cm – 50cm tall. The hay mats are constructed using lengths of copper mesh stitched together with jute string.

J.B Robinson & Son Ltd

J.B Robinson are the largest Sunflower grower in Europe with a staggering five hundred acres planted with the popular summer blooms; that’s the same area as approximately 250 football pitches!

The closest farm to Evolve Flowers Ltd, Robinson’s is just seven miles away on Quadring Fen, near Spalding. The fields are surrounded by nine miles of dykes and hedgerows that are sensitively managed to accommodate the wildlife and natural flora and fauna. Henry Robinson also grows Sweet Williams, Snowberries, Rosehips, Crab apples and Hypericum. The tall grasses in The Spiral Meadow were foraged with kind permission from some of the headlands around the Sweet William and Sunflower fields.

surreal succulents

Surreal Succulents beautiful nursery is located in the far west of Cornwall in the grounds of Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, near Penzance. A regular exhibitor at RHS shows and often featured on TV, this award winning grower of British succulents is well worth a visit. Specializing in succulents, palms, grasses and ferns this nursery has a very large range of British grown succulents from the rare and unusual to the British hardy varieties. The retail outlet is located within the amazing 22 acre sculpture garden which is filled with stunning sculptures and beautiful architectural plants cascading down the slopes, all back dropped with the stunning views overlooking Mounts Bay and St Michaels Mount.

smith munsonFive generations of expertise has brought Smith & Munson’s business to where it is today, specialising in growing premium quality cut flowers. Jo, Stephen and Ed are so passionate about growing, and their love for flowers is reflected in everything they do; from the distinctive brand to the quality of the final product. The flowers are grown inside modern glasshouses, allowing harvesting every day of the year. Tulips and lilies are the two major crops. I love visiting the farm, Sam the dog pads along behind Jo wherever she goes and the site is always looking spotless and efficient whatever time of day. The pollen free Rose Lilies have been watched every day for the last three weeks…will they open in time to show their beautifully unique petal formation and stand tall for all the visitors to The Garden Museum to behold?

uk aprons

UK Aprons, is a growing family business based in Stamford, Lincolnshire that promotes manufacturing in the UK. This company ticks all the boxes as far as we are concerned and makes great quality products with exceptional service. Responsible for the creation of the Evolve workshop aprons and the Mini children’s aprons. Evolves motto is ‘always wear your apron! Especially for photos!!’ UK Aprons have crafted an extra specially designed apron for each of the six finalists and their assistants. Always going the extra mile, Andrew and his team specialise in school wear, aprons and workwear.


Shaun Gibbons manages Multiflora ltd, the second closest farm to Evolve at nine and half miles away! It is refreshing to see younger generations continuing the family’s heritage and not only growing LA lilies, Alstroemeria and scented stocks but also trialling new flower types such as Astilbe and Celosia. Shaun is a third generation flower grower who cultivates under glass and Spanish tunnels at Wyberton near Boston, Lincolnshire.

MR FIX-IT aka Hamuda Shaaban

mr fix it

Quite possibly the best husband ever, thank you for keeping calm in Ramadan. For building the creation in possibly the most difficult time of the year, fixing just about everything not just the wood, letting me use your trade card at the builders merchants and about a million other things too numerous to mention! Nothing is ‘mishmumpkin’ if you are around Habebe! My Rock Ana bahebek. It will fit in the van, InshAllah.

MARY O’TOOLE – The Green Consumer

The Ideas factory outpost, Evolve is delighted to be able to work with Mary again after a gap of around fifteen years. Originally Spalding based and so knowledgeable about almost everything one needs to know about the flower industry, consumers, architecture, history and museums, plus loads more. Mary has been a great sounding board for mad flowery brainstorming, given lots of advice and oodles of moral support. In addition is the creative artist behind of the ‘accessible’ spiral meadow colouring in freesheets.


Last but by no means least; Pat, Assistant designer to one seriously mad and ambitious florist; thank you for being here, there and everywhere, for keeping calm, personal shopping, and endless sewing. Thank you for being patience personified. Thank you for being Girl Friday every day of the week and pulling the reins in when I get carried away on another cloud of ‘how about’ and ‘what if’s …Thank you for believing in me and working so hard for less than peanuts, a true friend. Couldn’t have done this without you.

PHILIP HAMMOND – The Dorchester Hotel

Thank you so much for offering to help with this mammoth task, you were so right when you said “I offered to lend a hand and Helen took the whole arm!”

You are an absolute diamond and I couldn’t have created such an abundant 360 degree elevated installation without you cutting stems for me J !!

Eternally grateful for the support and being such a great sport.

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