Bespoke Funeral Flowers

We understand that this time is very difficult, and we create beautiful tributes in the hope of bringing a glimmer of comfort to a sad time. Flowers have the power to lift the heart and soul.

Our signature style is to create personalised tributes and bespoke arrangements guided by the person's story and personality. Each flower we include can be specially selected by family members to create something truly personal and unique in memory of their loved ones.

Being part of the last farewell ceremony to your family, loved ones or friends is a special privilege. All of our farewell flowers are planet friendly and can be dismantled to take stems home afterwards.

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Heart SYM-325 Product Image
Heart SYM-325


Heart SYM-323 Product Image
Heart SYM-323


Wreath SYM-317 Product Image
Wreath SYM-317


Wreath SYM-321 Product Image
Wreath SYM-321


Pillow SYM-331 Product Image
Pillow SYM-331


Tied Sheaf SYM-337 Product Image
Tied Sheaf SYM-337


Funeral Posy (Pink) Product Image
Funeral Posy (Pink)


Wreath SYM-315 Product Image
Wreath SYM-315


Single Ended Spray SYM-307 Product Image
Single Ended Spray SYM-307


Single Ended Spray SYM-302 Product Image
Single Ended Spray SYM-302


Wreath SYM-320 Product Image
Wreath SYM-320


Wreath SYM-316 Product Image
Wreath SYM-316