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Celebrating Flower Arranging with NAFAS & British Flowers

Thank you for visiting our site! We love creating communities and groups of like-minded passionate florists and flower enthusiasts.

If like us you have a passion for using seasonal British grown flowers, flower arranging, and creating a happier more sustainable planet, we have created a product just for you.


The Box of British

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We have created a delivery box of fresh British grown blooms that can be delivered nationwide and comes in a variety of sizes depending on the size of the display/displays you want to design and make.


What makes it so good?

  • The box comes filled with a variety of British blooms so you can flex your creative skills and design a colourful and varied display
  • Every box is different depending on what the growers can supply that week. That way you never get bored of the same flowers and same colours.
  • The flowers are sourced directly from the grower, this means you get blooms in bud and can enjoy the nature's gift of watching them bloom for weeks!
  • Everything in the box is recyclable, right down to the flower food packaging, don't worry we only use plastic-free, environmentally friendly packaging.

What's in the box?

  • Mini - 25+ stems & 1 flower food sachet
  • Small - 60+ stems & 2 flower food sachets
  • Large - 100+ stems & 3 flower food sachets


Happy Flower Arranging!

Demonstrators Video Offer

To promote your NAFAS group and the national flower arranging initiative, demonstrators are invited to send us videos of their creations. Which we will edit and host on our website, if you don't feel up filming, you can also send us images which we can create in to a slide show! 

Once you've decided if you need the mini, small or large box, the package should arrive within one working day, and then it's time to display your skills.

How it works

  • You can record your video in sections so don't worry about getting it in one take, we have an in-house video editing service available.
  • The final cut of the video cannot be any longer than 5 minutes.

What you need to film

Section 1 - Display your stems, show the audience quickly what you've received in this week box and what you will be using to create your display

Section 2 - Capture the build of your display and explain your placement decision

Section 3 - You can take the chance to make any final comments on your design or advertise your service or social media account. 

How and what to submit

Please submit your video(s) via WeTransfer by clicking here

Send it to

Please attach any logos or accreditation you want to place in your video in either JPEG or PNG format.